Adoption Seminars*

  1. Transracial/International Adoptions
  2. General Adoption Issues
  3. Tele-classes
  4. Panel Presentations
  5. Post Adoptions Issues
  6. Understanding Adoption for adoptees
  7. Other seminar topics can be offered upon request at [email protected]

*Adoption seminars are pre-approved for foster licensing credit, ask if this is applies to your state.

We believe training is not over when we leave our sessions. In fact, it has just begun. Individuals need ongoing support to incorporate these programs into their lives. Bridge takes training one step further by assisting participants with personalizing the training techniques. The goal is that these philosophies will go far beyond the training sessions. Most of our programs are more than one class. We like for our participants to have an opportunity to take ideas back to their home, community or business, try them out and then come back to a safe environment to ask questions and interact with others who are trying the same new activities. Our programs include: