We believe transracial adoption can be an incredibly rewarding experience or frustrating depending on a variety of circumstances.  As with life, there are no magic formulas for success however, initial awareness and preparation can make a world of difference. We believe with the help of Bridge you can learn many of the necessary information to help build a strong multicultural family.

We offer classes to guide you in your quest of becoming a multicultural family. These classes provide a safe environment to create awareness of the issues (good, bad and everything in between) around transracial adoption. In the classes we will ask you to look at yourself, your values, motivations, community, family, environment, cultural exposure and more. Through discussions and interaction with other transracial adoptive families and prospective adoptive families you will be able to understand more about what it means to be a multiracial family.

Through the classes we will introduce you to some key concepts, however on the larger scale of life, we see this as only a small part in laying the foundation. It is our hope that through this awareness you will continue your lifelong education process of being a multicultural family. The classes are not only for prior to adoption but also to help you during and afterwards by providing you and your child with valuable resources and additional classes.

Why Bridge?

Who better to educate others about living the multicultural/multiracial life than those who live it? The strength of Bridge comes from the diverse experiences of our associates, all of whom live the multicultural/multiracial experience. We all draw from our own personal experience and those around us to enrich our classes and seminars. This allows participants to better understand what it means to be multiracial and/or to come from a multicultural family.