Some of our seminar topics:

Multicultural Living for Families, Communities, and the Work Place

Social Services/Community Programs

•Foster Parent Training

•Transracial Training for adoption professionals

•Panel Presentations

•Diversity Programs for Community Organization

Corporate Training

•Management and Diversity

•Diversity and Employee Relations

•Diversity Recruitment


•Identifying race and its importance to the medical community

•Race and how it affects medical care needed

Adoption Seminars*

•Transracial/International Adoptions

•General Adoption Issues


•Panel Presentations

•Post Adoptions Issues

•Understanding Adoption for adoptees

Diversity Education

•Multi-cultural/Multiracial Identity

•Diversity Training for Schools

•Adoption Awareness for Schools and Teachers

•Panel Presentations

Multiracial Identity

•Panel Presentations

•Identifying with more than one culture

*Adoption seminars are pre-approved for foster licensing credits, ask if this applies to your state.

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Bridge Communications, Inc. 
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Our mission is to create diversity awareness and acceptance through education and guidance in the process of implementing diversity into the lives of families, communities, and business environments.

Through class, both virtual and on-site, participants learn hands-on strategies for building strong personal and/or work bonds with those who are ethnically, racially, and/or culturally different as well as differences based on gender, age, sexual orientation, and religion.

In addition, Bridge leads seminars, panels, and discussions groups exploring a variety of diversity subject areas. Our trainers facilitate diversity training seminars for schools students and stafff, social service agencies, families, community organizations, and corporate businesses.